Artificial-Intelligence-focused incubator



Egypt’s first incubator specialised in Artificial Intelligence

AIM incubation program is designed to grow AI entrepreneurs and advance their ventures


AIM Offers to startups

AIM Offers:

  •  Up to 200K seed Funding

  • Co-working  Space

  • Specialized Labs(IoT, Robotics, HPC)

  • AI industry Experts and Mentors

  • Technical and Business Trainings

  • Technology Support from IBM

  • Legal & Financial Management Support

  • Marketing Suppprt

  • Investment Matchmaking

Eligibility to join!

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for AIM incubation, You should:

  • The team(at least two) includes a technical co-founder 

  • The startup idea / project is integrated with AI.

  • Have a Viable  Business Model 

  • Have a Prototype or at least Proof of Concept.

  • One (or two) members of the group should be fully dedicated to the duration of program (attending at least  80% training and workshops).

  • Team members are +18 years old

  • Will not be incubated in any other programs during this program